Predicting what the Chargers do with the 4 players on the trade block

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Chargers will cut Mike Williams

Update: The Chargers have officially cut Mike Williams.

There has been reported interest in Mike Williams as the New England Patriots have checked in with the Chargers on each of these players. Williams by far makes the most sense for the Patriots of the four players, and it is not hard to talk yourself into a trade happening.

The Patriots are going to want to make their young quarterback's life easier and getting an impact X receiver would do just that. Williams is only a one-year commitment, so there is no long-term risk, and the Patriots have an extra pick for trading Mac Jones.

New England could trade the pick it got for Jones and flip it for Williams. While he might not be part of the next Super Bowl core, just adding him to the fold can ensure that the young quarterback New England drafts has some kind of Pro Bowl-level receiver that can aid in his development.

On paper, the Pats may want to do this deal because if not, Williams would be free to sign elsewhere and it would take a multi-year deal. While that could ultimately swing the Pats to make a trade, it still seems more likely that the Chargers will be forced to cut Williams.

It makes sense on paper but the Patriots are currently tangled up with Calvin Ridley as well, which certainly hamstrings the process. With there being no other reported suitors at this time, it seems unlikely that the Chargers can strike a deal.