Why Chargers likely won't trade Austin Ekeler during 2023 NFL Draft

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Lack of offensive fits for Austin Ekeler around the league

It would be crazy to deny that Ekeler is an incredibly talented back. No one gets 38 touchdowns in two years or 1600+ all-purpose yards in a single season by accident.

What can be questioned in my view is how many other offenses around the league would play to Ekeler's strengths as much as the Chargers have. Los Angeles was only second to Tampa Bay last year in throwing attempts. The Chargers also had the six fewest rushing attempts in the league.

Would Ekeler get those 722 receiving yards in another offense that runs the ball more? What if a team wants him to take 20+ carries a game? Any offense that is more ground and pound doesn't truly seem like the best fit for Ekeler.

And for those respective teams that do run the ball more and are looking for a back, is Ekeler the best fit for them? Looking at teams like the Eagles, Falcons, and Bears, I'm not sure he'd be the guy to build their run game around.

As said before, the draft is an option for those teams. But even as far as rentals go, run-heavy teams probably check in on someone like Derrick Henry first before they turn their attention to possibly pursuing Ekeler.