Chargers' Super Bowl LIX odds after hiring Jim Harbaugh and Joe Hortiz

The Chargers' odds for next year's Super Bowl are already up throughout betting sites, even though we are still awaiting for Super Bowl LVIII.
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There was a great championship round last weekend, where both teams proved their worth. Patrick Mahomes proved to be the best quarterback of our era leading the Chiefs to victory in Baltimore, while Brock Purdy showed that he is as clutch as it gets. Fans expect a heavyweight matchup, where San Francisco will seek revenge after the team's Super Bowl LIV loss to Kansas City. The one thing both teams have in common is superior teamwork, not only between coaching staff and players but also in synergy with the front office.

That is why the relationship between Chargers head coach Jim Harbaugh and new general manager Joe Hortiz is crucial for the team's success in 2024 and the following years. Given both Harbaugh and Hortiz's past success, and Hortiz's long-standing relationship with Jim's brother in Baltimore, Chargers fans hope it will be a fruitful relationship, reflected in the roster and coaching staff composition, and draft selections.

Ultimately, we expect this duo to bring regular season and playoff victories, and we now can start making predictions for 2024.

Though the 2023-2024 season has not concluded yet, DraftKings Sportsbook has already published its betting lines for Super Bowl LIX, to be played in February 2025.

LA Chargers odds for Super Bowl LIX:

DraftKings has the Chargers with a line of +2500 (25/1) to win next year's big game, ranking 13th overall. This prediction is from January 31st, a day after Joe Hortiz's hiring. Not surprisingly, DraftKings has the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers as favorites for next season, with the 49ers atop by a slight margin.

Though still far from the favorites to lift the Lombardi Trophy in 2025, the Chargers' current spot would represent a substantial improvement from, as they were one of the worst 5 teams. We will have a more accurate outlook in a couple of months, since we are still waiting for the Draft, the offensive coordinator hiring, and the free agency period.

AFC West and AFC implications for the Chargers

Although there are no predictions for the AFC West standings or the AFC playoffs yet, we can deduce how the Chargers would finish by analyzing the current odds for Super Bowl LIX. Chargers are a solid second place in the AFC West in DraftKings.

Though far from the Chiefs (+750), they are surprisingly well above the Broncos and Raiders, who are at the bottom of the overall ranking. People amight be hesitant to bet on the Broncos and Raiders given their quarterback uncertainty, plus Antonio Pierce is truly a rookie head coach.

Within the AFC, DraftKings places Los Angeles in 8th place. The Chargers would be a borderline wild card team, and fighting for a spot with the Jets and Jaguars, who will have their starting QBs back in 2023.

As previously mentioned, we have to wait for the AFC West and AFC odds, but Las Vegas gives a thumbs-up to the Chargers. Jim Harbaugh is the reason the Chargers will be a competitive team, as there is even uncertainty within the roster. Talented players such as Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, Joey Bosa, and Khalil Mack could leave during the offseason, plus it is very likely that free agent Austin Ekeler won't come back.

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