Why the Chargers are legitimate Super Bowl favorites

Los Angeles Chargers v Washington Football Team
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3. Surveying the Super Bowl contenders ahead of the Chargers:

Finally, we have to look at the teams who are expected to be Super Bowl favorites ahead of the Chargers. When we compare the Chargers to these teams, both in overall talent and new additions, it is clear that the Chargers are not far behind or behind really at all.

As it stands right now on WynnBET, the LA Chargers have +2000 odds to win the Super Bowl and are tied with the Baltimore Ravens. The teams ahead of the Chargers are the Tennessee Titans (+1800), Dallas Cowboys (+1800), New Orleans Saints (+1500), Denver Broncos (+1500), Cincinnati Bengals (+1500), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+1200), San Francisco 49ers (+1200), Los Angeles Rams (+1200), Green Bay Packers (+1000), Kansas City Chiefs (+900) and Buffalo Bills (+700).

The Saints should not even be in the conversation and the only reason they are is because of the possibility that Deshaun Watson is traded there and Vegas does not want to be burned. We don't even have to touch on them.

Teams like the Cowboys, Titans and Bengals are 10-11 win teams for the 2022 season who have not gotten any better. Yes, there is more time to improve, but these teams were not set up to improve much this offseason. Derrick Henry is only going to regress and the injury chances will go up (and Tennessee lost some offensive line talent), Dallas lost Amari Cooper and isn't adding much and the Bengals aren't adding much either.

The Broncos are this high because of Russell Wilson but Justin Herbert is better than Russell Wilson and the Chargers' overall roster is now better. The Bucs got Tom Brady back and play in a weak NFC, so I get it, but the Chargers are on a level playing field, they just play in the AFC.

The San Francisco 49ers do not even know who their quarterback next season will be so that does not make sense and the Packers lost Davante Adams.

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The Chargers should be in the conversation with the likes of the Los Angeles Rams, Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills. They have the quarterback that is in that class (Matt Stafford is the worse) and with these moves, the overall roster talent is similar for LA if not better than some of those three teams.