2 Chargers whose stock have grown after 2023 NFL Draft, 2 that have plummeted

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Stock is up with the Chargers: Isaiah Spiller

The Chargers did not select a single running back in the 2023 NFL Draft, which was a surprise to many considering the team has made it a habit of taking a running back on day three of the draft. Last year it was Isaiah Spiller, who was getting a lot of buzz as a fourth-round pick who fell to the Bolts.

All of the fans that gobbled up Spiller's stock after the 2022 NFL Draft were definitely disappointed after his rookie year. A lot of those initial buyers have sold Spiller's stock at a loss as many fans are no longer believing in the former Texas A&M back.

That being said, the stars are aligning for Spiller to have a bigger impact in year two. Fans may have forgotten this (or did not realize) that Spiller was the youngest player in the entire 2022 draft class. It is not uncommon for a very young player to not be NFL-ready in his rookie year, which seemed to be the case in 2023.

Spiller now has a full NFL offseason behind him and he might be heading into a situation where he has to play a prominent role with the Chargers. There is no guarantee that Austin Ekeler is going to be suiting up for the Bolts and that could Spiller the runway he needs to succeed.

The fact that the Bolts didn't draft a running back, and haven't signed a veteran contingency plan, seems to indicate that there is belief in Spiller as a back. He is the long-term picture for the Bolts and it seems unlikely that they would be trusting Joshua Kelley this much on an expiring deal.

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