3 Chargers whose stock has fallen ahead of 2023 training camp

These Chargers are going to have to earn their Bolts during training camp.
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Chargers whose stock has fallen ahead of training camp: 3. Brenden Jaimes

The younger players on the Chargers roster are not doing well stock-wise. Brenden Jaimes was taken in the 2021 NFL Draft alongside Joshua Palmer, taken in the fifth round. Unlike Palmer, though, Jaimes' stock is down because of his own performance, not external factors.

Don't get it wrong, it is harder for Jaimes to carve out a dedicated role on the offensive line when the Chargers are actually deep in that area. Jaimes was never considered to be starting on the offensive line but many would have written him in to be the backup swing guard.

The excellent selection of Jordan McFadden hurt Jaimes' stock as McFadden has the talent to instantly usurp Jaimes on the depth chart. Not only is he falling down the depth chart but Jaimes may not be on the roster at all.

Chargers insider and beat reporter Daniel Popper dropped his early 53-man roster predictions and notably left Jaimes off the roster. Popper, who is as plugged-in as anyone in the media with the Chargers, outlined how Jaimes is not viewed favorably by the Bolts.

That is about as low as someone's stock can get with the team. Going from a fifth-round pick to not even making the team just over two years later is a fast fall. Jaimes is going to have to take his future into his own hands during camp to raise his value.