3 Chargers who absolutely must step up with Mike Williams out vs Jaguars

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3. Joe Lombardi

He might not be on the field (no, literally, he calls the game from upstairs in the booth and is not on the field like most offensive coordinators) but Joe Lombardi is arguably the most important person now heading into this matchup against the Jaguars.

I can hear all of the Chargers fans groaning through their phone screens as they read this because of how of a job Lombardi has done this season. And don't get me wrong: he has done a terrible job and the Chargers would be better off moving on from him after this season.

The hope has to be that Lombardi is coaching like his job is on the line in this game and we see a version of the Chargers offense that we have rarely seen this season. Lombardi has had really good scripted drives and sequences but overall, the offensive play-calling had hindered this team more than it has helped it.

The hope that to be that Lombardi prepared for a world in which Williams was not playing and the playbook reflects that. You cannot call plays like Williams is out there to bail you out with a contested catch because the route combinations are extremely predictable. You have to get creative, move the pocket, keep the targets moving and let Justin Herbert cook.

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We have seen the recipe for success when the team has leaned into it this season and they simply have not done that enough. If Lombardi wheels out the same tired offensive game plan that tells his receivers to run to the sticks and turn around then the Chargers will lose this game. Plain and simple.