Chargers vs Steelers: Best prop bets to make for Sunday Night Football

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Third prop bet to target for Sunday Night Football:

3. LA Chargers over 6.5 first-quarter points

This feels like a bonafide lock. The first-quarter points line for the LA Chargers has been set at 6.5 points and I find it hard to see the Chargers scoring less than a touchdown in the first quarter. Of course, there is always the risk of there being two long drives and the Chargers only scoring a field goal in their long drive, but that should not be an issue.

As much as people complain about Joe Lombardi, if you go back and watch the Chargers you will see that most of his pre-designed drives (the first drives of the game and the second half) are typically pretty successful.

I fully expect the LA Chargers to put together a long drive in their first drive of the game. They are going to exploit the holes in the Pittsburgh secondary and make sure Justin Herbert gets cooking early. If we have learned anything this season, it is that the sooner you get Herbert into a ryhthm, the better.

There is going to be some urgency from the Chargers and that could lead to an explosive first defensive drive as well. In fact, I would not be all that surprised if the Chargers found themselves in double-digits when the first quarter expired.

All the Chargers have to do is score a touchdown in the first quarter (and make the extra point) for this bet to hit. That is not asking much out of a team that has Justin Herbert, Keenan Allen, Mike Williams and Austin Ekeler on the offensive side of the football.

If you are just going to bet one of these prop bets I think this is the best one to target. Or if you want to have a lot of fun you can parlay the three prop bets at +483.