Final AFC West standings prediction: Where do the Chargers finish?

Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Chargers
Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Chargers / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages
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2. Kansas City Chiefs, 11-6 record (wild-card team)

I am standing strong with my prediction that the LA Chargers will win the AFC West, but we will dive into those reasons why when we get there. For now, we have to break down the Kansas City Chiefs and explain why the team is going to finish in second in the AFC West.

To be frank, I do like the Chiefs more from a talent standpoint today than I did two months ago. While the loss of Tyreek Hill still is a big deal no matter how Chiefs fans will try and twist it, Kansas City has arguably the best offensive line in the sport and a defense that does seem to be more well-rounded.

It is still going to be hard for the team to always come up in those big moments without Hill on the roster. There are countless times throughout the year when the Chiefs need a big conversion and go to Tyreek Hill. That elite speed outlet simply is not there and that will make a difference.

It will make a difference considering the Chiefs play the toughest schedule in the entire league this upcoming season. On top of playing the AFC South and NFC West like the rest of the AFC West, the Chiefs also have some brutal first-place opponents on their schedule.

The additional three opponents that make up the Chiefs' schedule are the Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals and Tamp Bay Buccaneers. Those are three games that Kansas City could easily lose. Meanwhile, the Chargers' three additional games are against the Miami Dolphins, a Deshaun Watson-less Cleveland Browns and the Atlanta Falcons, who might be the worst team in the entire NFL.