While the Chargers remain stagnant, the Vikings are making all the right moves

The Bolts could learn a thing or two from their Week 3 opponent.
Los Angeles Chargers v Tennessee Titans
Los Angeles Chargers v Tennessee Titans / Johnnie Izquierdo/GettyImages

The LA Chargers and Minnesota Vikings square off in what might be the most impactful Week 3 game on the NFL slate. Both teams are off to disappointing 0-2 starts and falling to 0-3 is a death wish for making the playoffs.

Minnesota has lost by nine combined points and LA has lost by five combined points. Both teams have explosive offenses that can score at will but have awful defenses that counteract the strong offenses. If anything, this game is bound to be entertaining.

Despite all the similarities, the two teams have reacted to the 0-2 start much differently. The Chargers have not done much of anything and are just hoping to keep doing what they are doing to right the ship. Minnesota, meanwhile, has actively addressed the team's needs, signing guard Dalton Risner and trading for running back Cam Akers.

Risner and Akers are not going to be the difference in making a Super Bowl push but the Vikings at least committed resources to improving the areas of need. Minnesota is acting like a team that has to turn this ship around right away. The Chargers, despite being in the same boat, are being passive.

The Vikings are making the moves that the Chargers should be making

Again, there isn't some game-changing player that is going to completely change everything about the Chargers if the team were to bring them in. But there is still talent out there that could help some of the areas of need for the Bolts.

The running back position is a prime example of this. Alexander Mattison has been disappointing so the Vikings went out and got him help. Another playoff hopeful in the Cleveland Browns came to terms with Kareem Hunt after Nick Chubb's injury.

Austin Ekeler is dealing with an ankle injury and while it does not appear to be a long-term issue, the Chargers could still add some help. Joshua Kelley, as good as he is as a runner, is not much of a passing weapon. The team has all but given up on Isaiah Spiller it seems and Elijah Dotson is promising but is an undrafted rookie. That room could use a veteran boost. But no.

The secondary has been the worst in the sport thus far. Yet the Chargers didn't add anything to it in the offseason. The team could have drafted someone like Brian Branch or could have signed someone cheap like John Johnson. But the team didn't do that and chances are the Bolts won't make any additions as the year goes along either.

A lot of fans would argue that the biggest change the Chargers could make would be at head coach. A desperate team that wants to save a playoff berth would probably pull the plug earlier than expected to salvage the season. Chances are the Chargers won't be that team based on how the team has operated thus far and how it has operated in the past.