What the Chargers should do with the remaining $9.4 million to spend

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Oday Aboushi
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1. Sign Oday Aboushi

There have been several versions of this article throughout the offseason as the Chargers have made various moves and the spending number has changed. The one constant that has been in all of the articles is re-signing Oday Aboushi, which seems like a no-brainer for the LA Chargers.

Now, there is the very real possibility that the Bolts know something that the general public does not about Aboushi's injury and his ability to play in 2022. That also could be the reason why this is taking so long and the team is waiting to either sign him or sign another guard to compete for the starting right guard spot.

Aboushi played really well for the LA Chargers to start the 2021 season before he tore his ACL against the Cleveland Browns in Week 5. While it was a small sample size, Aboushi was cashing in on the potential that we touted before the season and he truly did look to be a diamond in the rough find by the Chargers.

He was playing his way into a larger contract but now that he got hurt, his value is just as low if not lower. That means that the Chargers can sign a viable starting right guard option who is familiar with the blocking schemes in LA for cheap.

Pro Football Focus projects Aboushi to get a one-year, $1.5 million contract. That seems fair and it would likely be fully guaranteed, giving the Chargers $7.9 million in spending space to make other potential additions.