What the Chargers should do with the remaining $9.4 million to spend

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The LA Chargers have made several significant moves this offseason and the team still has room to grow. On top of having the 2022 NFL Draft to build out the roster and fill some of the remaining holes, the Bolts also still have money that they can spend in free agency to bolster the roster.

According to Daniel Popper of The Athletic, the Chargers have a projected $9.4 million left to spend in free agency. Popper factors in the rookie draft pool and an in-season budget to calculate how much the team has to spend, which is why it is different from the team's overall cap space number.

The LA Chargers can do quite a few things with $9.4 million.

There are several holes on the roster that still need to be fixed and the Chargers can fill some of those holes in free agency. The crop of elite free agents may no longer be available but there are still options for the Bolts to pursue.

Some of those holes will be fixed in the 2022 NFL Draft and there is the possibility that the Chargers are waiting to see what they get in the draft to make any additional moves. In a perfect world, there would be positions the team targets in free agency as well as positions the team targets in the draft.

Here is how the Bolts should spend the remaining $9.4 million in spending money.