3 Chargers who are sneakily very important to a Super Bowl run

Tennessee Titans v Los Angeles Chargers
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2. Morgan Fox

Chargers fans who follow the team very closely know just how impactful Morgan Fox has been this season but he still does not get the overall credit that he deserves. With big names such as Khalil Mack, Joey Bosa and Sebastian Joseph-Day on the defensive line it is not hard to see why Fox gets overlooked.

That being said, Fox has undoubtedly been the best interior pass-rusher that the Chargers have had all season long. It has not always been great, but when Fox is playing his best the Chargers pass rush is night and day. He has been one of the key members of this defensive renaissance since the bye week.

And this has all come after Fox was signed to be a rotational pass rusher for the Bolts. When he was signed, it essentially looked like Jerry Tillery insurance as he had a very similar player profile to Tillery. Once Tillery got the boot and Fox started getting more playing time we saw a big difference on the defensive front.

One of the keys to winning in the playoffs that translates from team to team is getting pressure on the quarterback. Brandon Staley has been great with his designed blitz packages but if you are going to go really far in the playoffs you have to be able to get pressure rushing just four.

Bosa and Mack are going to be a handful for any team and will certainly get home frequently on the quarterback. But if the team is going to take that next step, it is going to take Fox leading the charge from the interior.