Chargers' Sebastian Joseph-Day re-opens wounds, questions why Bolts left San Diego

Los Angeles Rams v Los Angeles Chargers
Los Angeles Rams v Los Angeles Chargers / Joe Scarnici/GettyImages

The Chargers have played six seasons in Los Angeles already and have played three in SoFi Stadium. While it has objectively been a decent amount of time in LA, it still feels like yesterday that the team left San Diego and traveled north up the I-5.

Leaving San Diego is still a sore subject for some fans. While a lot of fans have embraced the team in Los Angeles (while the team has also gained newfound fans as well), there is a contingent of Chargers fans in San Diego particularly who are not happy with the move.

Some still begrudgingly root for the Chargers because they can't quit the fandom. Others have given up on the Bolts altogether. At least it is not as contentious of a topic anymore that does not tear the fanbase apart as much as it did five years ago.

Well, that is until current Chargers player Sebastian Joseph-Day weighed in and questioned why his own team ever left San Diego in the first place.

Sebastian Joseph-Day re-opens old wound for Chargers fans about San Diego

This heavily opened the floodgates, so much so that SJD later had to delete the tweet because of all the discourse that was going on in his mentions. People feel very passionately about this subject matter and Joseph-Day likely did not realize that.

He did not completely shy away from his San Diego stance, though, making it clear that he personally never wants to leave the city when he is visiting it. You and I both, sir.

Regardless of your opinion on the move, whether you are vehemently against it, support it, or simply do not care that much, there is one thing that everyone reading this article can agree on. San Diego is one of, if not the, most beautiful places in the entire world. Football team or not, it is a privilege to live in and visit the San Diego area.

Maybe with more time, the wound will continue to heal and some of the original San Diego fans will come around. If not it is totally understandable, especially considering how much the San Diego Padres have taken over the sports scene.

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