Chargers' Scott Matlock instantly makes himself a fan favorite with hilarious quote

Utah State v Boise State
Utah State v Boise State / Loren Orr/GettyImages

The LA Chargers had a pretty good showing in the 2023 NFL Draft. It is safe to say that fans are happy with the draft class for the most part but we truly won't know how good the class actually is until they suit up and play in the NFL.

One of the best value picks that the Chargers made was in the sixth round, selecting Boise State defensive lineman Scott Matlock. Matlock adds much-needed interior defensive line depth for the Bolts and has the tools to develop into a three-down defensive lineman in the league. It will take time , but the potential is there.

That being said, Matlock is already making strides in becoming one of the biggest fan favorites on the roster. The man has not even put on a Chargers jersey yet and he is already delivering hilarious one-liners that will get the entire fanbase on his side. He isn't coming to the Bolts just to do a great job. He is coming to, and I quote, take souls.

Can the Chargers sign this guy to a lifetime contract? Is that allowed?

Scott Matlock has all the makings of being a Chargers fan favorite

We already know that the Chargers' content creation team is circling Scott Matlock as a candidate to be mic'd up as early as possible in training camp. You have to put a mic on the guy who just said that he is going to take souls in the NFL.

But the resume for being a Chargers fan favorite does not stop there. There is also a unique part of Matlock's game that the Bolts could look to execute during the 2023 season. And if they do, it will undoubtedly hype the fanbase up to no end.

Matlock has some offensive value as he caught passes as a tight end for Boise State. He is definitely going to be put on the offenisve line when the Chargers are the one-yard line, either as a decoy or as someone who could surprisingly catch a touchdown pass from Justin Herbert.

Taking souls and scoring six points. Matlock might do both of those things during the 2023 season and if he does, there will quickly be an influx of custom jersey orders as Chargers fans are going to fall in love with his game.