Ranking each quarterback the LA Chargers face in 2022

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10. Trevor Lawrence - Jacksonville Jaguars

One of the highest graded prospects coming out of college and into the NFL, Trevor Lawrence had a lot of expectations when coming into the league. A lot of people criticized his rookie year, due to his 3-14 record, as well as throwing more interceptions than touchdowns, however, there is a lot of room for him to improve.

Considering the coaching staff situation last season, on top of the roster that Lawrence was with, his rookie season was not that bad. The experience of playing the full season will help him to improve and develop very quickly. Jacksonville has now added Christian Kirk and Evan Engram, which will give Lawrence a big boost in his development.

9. Tua Tagovailoa - Miami Dolphins

The quarterback that the Miami Dolphins took ahead of Justin Herbert hardly cracks the top 10 in a list of 14 quarterbacks. With better weapons and a franchise tackle being added to the mix, there are no more excuses for Tua.

8. Matt Ryan, Indianapolis Colts

Matt Ryan went from one South division to another as he now finds himself in a loaded AFC where it is going to be much more difficult to make a playoff run. However, the flip side is that his offensive line is significantly better, so he won't face as much pressure.

7. Ryan Tannehill - Tennessee Titans

The first proven consistent quarterback appears on the list. Not only that, but the first Pro Bowler, Ryan Tannehill led the Tennessee Titans to the number one overall seed in the AFC last season. Having a 3:2 touchdown to interception ratio, as well as rushing for seven touchdowns has helped boost this Derrick Henry-led offense.

A very impressive thrower of the ball could make some good plays against the Chargers this season, especially with star receiver AJ Brown at the end of most of those passes. Tannehill, since leaving Miami three years ago, has shown considerable improvement. His capability to lead a team and make the playoffs is what puts him towards the middle of the pack of quarterbacks that are facing Justin Herbert and the Chargers this season.