Predicting the betting line of every LA Chargers game in 2022

Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders
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Week 11: Chiefs at Chargers (-1.5)

After defeating the Chiefs earlier in the season and having a red-hot start to the year (based on our predictions), the LA Chargers host their division rivals as a 1.5-point favorite. Again, these teams are going to be really close record-wise and while the Bolts don't get the full three points at home, it would be nice to see them favored.

Charger fans are going to hate me for this one but I do have the Bolts losing at least one of the games against the Chiefs this season. If they win in Week 2, they lose this game.

Week 12: Chargers (+1) at Cardinals

As much as we joke about the Arizona Cardinals falling apart late in the season, they should still be getting the respect of Vegas this late in the year. While they are not as talented as the Chargers, they should have a solid record at this point in a weak NFC. Losing two weeks in a row will take some of the rub off the Chargers, who head into this game against a worse team as one-point dogs.

Week 13: Chargers (-4) at Raiders

I think we get the same line in Week 13 that we got in Week 1 and the Chargers should cover it both times. Yes, the Raiders will actually be at home in this game but I have them finishing under .500, so their stock will be lower at this point than it was earlier in the year. If you flipped the two games, the Chargers would be favored by one in Week 1 and by seven in Week 13.

Week 14: Dolphins at Chargers (-6.5)

The Dolphins should be in the playoff hunt and even if the record is close to the Chargers, these two teams are on different levels. There is a difference between a Super Bowl contender and a fringe playoff team and this is the kind of line you give a contender at home against a fringe playoff team. For what it is worth, I think Miami plays them well and covers this line.