Chargers schedule leaks: Rumored games on LA's 2023 schedule

Jacksonville Jaguars v Los Angeles Chargers
Jacksonville Jaguars v Los Angeles Chargers / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages

The LA Chargers' 2023 schedule will be released on Thursday evening and fans will know exactly who the team is playing and where. We already know who the team will play in 2023 but the exact order of the teams (because of travel and primetime games) is a big deal.

As is the case every year as we ramp up to the schedule release, leaks around the Chargers' 2023 schedule have started to come out before the official schedule has been released.

We have done our best job to comb through the leaks that appear legitimate and not offer up anything that is completely out of left field. That being said, none of this is confirmed until the Chargers officially release their schedule later this evening.

Chargers schedule leaks: Every rumored game thus far

Week 3 at Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings have had their entire 2023 schedule leaked and if the leaks are true then the Chargers are going to be heading to Minnesota to play Kirk Cousins in Week 3 of the 2023 season.

If true, this game will take place on September 24 and does not appear to be a primetime game. Barring a late start in Minnesota, the game will likely kick off at 10:00 a.m. PT.

Week 11 at Green Bay Packers

There has been a lot of intel that has been leaked about the Packers' upcoming 2023 schedule. NFL fans are going crazy on social media as early reports indicate that Green Bay will have five primetime games next season. Remember, the team no longer has Aaron Rodgers.

The Chargers are not one of those primetime games, at least according to the leaks. Rumor has it that the Chargers will play Green Bay in Week 11. This is the weekend before Thanksgiving and will reportedly be an early-slate game that is broadcast on FOX.

UPDATE: Week 9 at New York Jets

According to recent leaks from reliable (but not confirmed) sources, the Chargers will take on the New York Jets on the road in Week 9. Most importantly, the Chargers are rumored to be taking on Aaron Rodgers' new team on Monday Night Football.

UPDATE: Chargers could play Chiefs in Week 7, Week 18

The full Kansas City Chiefs' schedule for the 2023 season has been leaked by reliable sources and on the schedule they have the Chargers in Week 7 and to end the season in Week 18. Week 7 would be in LA and Week 18 woudl be on the road.