3 most important games remaining on the LA Chargers schedule

Los Angeles Chargers v San Francisco 49ers
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Week 14 vs Miami Dolphins

It is safe to say that Chargers fans are a bit jealous of the season that the Miami Dolphins are having. After two years of owning the debate with the better quarterback, the Dolphins have given Tua Tagavailoa a much better supporting cast and the results have paid off.

It is still a stretch to say that Tua is better than Herbert but with the way he is playing this season it is impossible to deny him as a good starting quarterback. Don't get me wrong, the Dolphins would be even better with Herbert under center, but the Tua disrespect has to stop.

This is going to be a big game for the Chargers as it could seriously swing the playoff seeding if the Bolts were to emerge victoriously. The Dolphins are almost a shoo-in for the playoffs and are a team that the Bolts would potentially have to play if they were able to get in.

Miami is currently 7-3 and leading the AFC East and by the time they play the Chargers, the Dolphins should be 8-4. They have an easy game against the Houston Texans and a tough game against the San Francisco 49ers, so an 8-4 record seems fair.

With a game against Buffalo the following week, this becomes a must-win for the Dolphins if they want to keep their place atop the AFC East. The Chargers have two winnable games after the Chiefs game so at worst they should be 7-5 heading into this matchup. At best they could be 8-4 along with the Dolphins.

Regardless, Miami seems more likely to finish as a wild-card team when the dust settles so getting a win over them in this situation could pay big dividends.