Chargers schedule: 3 games where week number matters the most

Los Angeles Chargers v Philadelphia Eagles
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2. Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos have the best natural home-field advantage in the sport as the high elevation that the team plays at is absolutely a real thing. The air is thinner up in Denver and the players that are conditioned to playing at that altitude are absolutely going to have an advantage.

It also goes without saying that Denver is a very cold place where it often snows and the Chargers are coming from the sunniest city in the sport. The Chargers do not have to deal with the climate at SoFi Stadium and overall, do not have to deal with climate much at all during the 2022 season.

The one place where the point of the season will make a difference is in Denver. With the Chargers' season ending with a division opponent, there is a chance that the Bolts have to play in Denver in Week 18. It would be much more ideal if the Chargers could play that game pre-November, instead saving that late-season matchup for Los Angeles.

Denver is used to playing in the snowy conditions and quite frankly, with their running game, is built better for the snow than the Chargers. That does not mean that the Bolts cannot win a cold, snowy game in Denver, but making it harder in an already tough place to play is not what the Chargers want to deal with.

Justin Herbert is yet to beat the Broncos in Denver in his career. Let's hope that the team can role into Denver early enough in the season to not only beat them, but beat them in short sleeves.