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The 5 easiest defenses Justin Herbert faces on the Chargers schedule

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Derek Stingley
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2. Houston Texans

The Houston Texans selected Derek Stingley Jr. with the third overall pick to be the team's CB1 next season in what was an interesting selection. Stingley is undoubtedly talented and was someone who Charger fans were hoping would fall to 17. However, it did seem like a reach for the Texans to take him there, especially with Ahmad Gardner on the board.

Regardless, Stingley still has a lot of potential but he is more likely to struggle as a rookie than Gardner, especially playing for a talent-barren team like the Texans. Jalen Pitre was a more-than-solid selection in the second round for Houston, but outside of that, the team didn't really get any game-changers for this season.

As a rookie Pitre will probably bring a similar impact if not slightly better than Justin Reid, so that is essentially a wash for the team. When you look past Stingley and Pitre it is really hard to find someone to get excited about on the defensive side of the football.

Houston ranked 27th in the league in points allowed per game last season and 31st in yards allowed. There is at least some youth to now build around but the Texans are still a long way away from being a competitive football team, at least on the defensive side of the ball.

Jacksonville has more young defensive talent, putting them ahead of Houston on this list. Houston should undoubtedly have a bottom-three defense in the NFL next season. Let's just hope that the Chargers don't drop another embarrassing loss on the road to the Texans in 2022 as they did in 2021.