Chargers schedule 2023: Ranking every quarterback the Bolts will play

Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Chargers
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8. Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings

Kirk Cousins is essentially the more established version of Jared Goff. Once Goff gets another year or two of serviceable play under his belt he will take over the throne of being the most average quarterback in the league from Cousins.

Cousins is the barometer of where you are in the grand scheme of the league. If a team's quarterback is worse than Cousins then they are below average. If they are better than Cousins then they are average or better. For the Chargers, seven of the quarterbacks they face in 2023 are average or better.

Cousins is actually 2-1 against the Bolts in his career and is 2-0 since joining the Vikings.

7. Russell Wilson, Denver Broncos

Saying that anyone above Cousins is average to above average and then listing Russell Wilson as the next quarterback might seem silly. Wilson played like a below average quarterback last season and there is no reason to think that he will suddenly flip the one and a half years of bad play now that he is a year older.

Wilson, as crazy as it sounds, is on the same tier as Goff and Cousins as mediocre quarterbacks. What ranks him higher than the other two is his experience in big spots and how that could factor in during a two-minute drive in a close game.

He still is nowhere close to the Wilson of old and is going to fail more times than he succeeds but many would probably take Wilson over either Cousins or Goff in a key spot still.