Chargers schedule 2023: Ranking every quarterback the Bolts will play

Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Chargers
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12. Ryan Tannehill, Tennessee Titans

There is a chance that Ryan Tannehill is not even the starter for the Tennessee Titans by the time the Chargers play them. The team drafted Malik Willis to be his eventual replacement plan in 2022 and that obviously did not work out as the Titans chose to play Joshua Dobbs over Willis when the season was on the line.

This year the team drafted Will Levis in the second round with the same intention. This is a good situation for Levis, as he theoretically can sit for a year to learn an NFL offense before being thrust into a situation.

That being said, Tannehill played really poorly last season and he could play himself out of a starting gig in no time. It seems like that magical 2-3 year run where Tannehill was actually good is over.

11. Jimmy Garoppolo, Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders went from Derek Carr to someone who is essentially a worse version of Carr in Jimmy Garoppolo. Both Carr and Jimmy G are in that mediocre QB range with Carr being on the upper end of it and Jimmy G being on the lower end.

Optimistic Raiders fans will spin this as Jimmy G reuniting with Josh McDaniels, who is going to be able to bring something out in him that has not been present before. This overlooks the fact that Jimmy G has been playing for the best offensive mind in the sport in Kyle Shanahan and even there he was painfully average at best.