Chargers schedule: Way-too-early game-by-game predictions for 2022

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Chargers schedule prediction, Week 16-18:

Week 16 at Indianapolis Colts (MNF): 28-24, Win

The Colts seemed to have improved at the quarterback position by trading for Matt Ryan this offseason… but did they? Yes, Carson Wentz made some horrible mistakes at the worst times that cost them their season, but overall, played okay for the Colts last season. Ryan is getting old and any bit of pressure is going to falter him. 

Jonathan Taylor is a legitimate concern in this game and he will ultimately be the reason why it is close. However, if we are buying this reformed Chargers’ run defense then we can expect them to at least keep Taylor bay.

With poor weapons and one of the worst quarterbacks in the league when under pressure, Matt Ryan will crumble in the biggest spot late in the game as the Chargers’ defense will get a stop to close Indy out.

Week 17 vs. LA Rams (SNF): 30-24, Loss

The Rams are the defending Super Bowl Champions for a reason and they should be just as good this season, if not even better, than they were last year. A win over the Rams would be massive for the Chargers and would cement themselves as true Super Bowl contenders.

That being said, we cannot predict the Chargers to win every single game against a tough opponent as that is simply unrealistic. Sean McVay gets it done against his former defensive coordinator and the Chargers put this game in their back pocket for a potential Super Bowl matchup.

If the Chargers and Rams do meet in the Super Bowl I would like the Chargers’ chances more after losing this game as you cannot beat a good team twice.

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Week 18 at Denver Broncos: 24-21, Loss

Heading into the playoffs with two straight losses is less than ideal but this is how I see the games shaking out. Beating the Broncos in Denver is a really hard thing to do, especially when the game is in January and could be flexed into primetime if their are playoff stakes.

Heading into this game the Chargers will be 13-3. I do think that it will be enough to win the division as I do not see any other team in the AFC West finishing with three or fewer losses. There is a chance that losing this game could make it come down to a tiebreaker but there is also the chance that the Chargers have the division locked up (and hopefully a first-round bye) and can play their backups.

Final record prediction: 13-4