Chargers schedule: Way-too-early game-by-game predictions for 2022

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Chargers schedule prediction, Week 13-15

Week 13 at Las Vegas Raiders: 23-20 Win

The Chargers lost last time they played at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas and that undoubtedly is going to give the team extra motivation to beat the Raiders in this game. Plus, I think we are going to see a decent showing of Charger fans in this one, more so than people may expect.

This game will ultimately be closer than the game at SoFi Stadium with the Raiders feeling more comfortable in their home stadium. That being said, I still do not buy the Raiders in this division and the Chargers should be able to get it done on the road against Vegas.

Week 14 vs. Miami Dolphins: 26-21, Win

If Brian Flores was still the head coach of the Miami Dolphins then I think I would consider this to be a tougher game. While Mike McDaniel is a great offensive mind, it was the defensive side of the football that really staggered Justin Herbert the last time these two teams played and that was Flores’ doing.

Miami is still undoubtedly talented on the defensive end but Herbert has grown a lot as a quarterback. While Tua has a new no. 1 to throw to, the Chargers have done pretty well historically in shutting out Tyreek Hill in the past.

Miami’s offense plays well into what the Chargers want to accomplish defensively and without an elite quarterback to beat the Chargers, it is hard to see Miami winning this game, although they will keep it close.

Week 15 vs. Tennessee Titans: 21-10, Win

This game being this late in the season is excellent for the Chargers. This will give the Bolts plenty of time to figure out the new-look run defense and by then, the wheels might be falling off for the Titans.

I am not sure we can be comfortable in Derrick Henry staying healthy, especially this late in the season. Ryan Tannehill is going to be looking over his shoulder at Malik Willis as his weapons in Tennessee are horrible. They will still grind the clock and the defense will keep the Chargers from exploding, but offensively, they won't be able to do anything.