Chargers schedule: Way-too-early game-by-game predictions for 2022

Los Angeles Chargers v Washington Football Team
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Chargers schedule prediction, Week 6-8:

Week 6 vs. Denver Broncos (MNF): 31-30 Win

Poor Russell Wilson has to play primetime Justin Herbert in his first matchup against him as a member of the Denver Broncos. Primetime Herbert is absolutely a real thing and he is going to lead the Chargers on his first game-winning drive of the season in this game.

The Broncos will take a 30-28 lead with around two minutes left in the game, giving Justin Herbert the chance to drive down the field. Joe Lombardi will piece together a methodical drive that doesn't score too quickly, allowing Dustin Hopkins to make the chip-shot field goal to win it.

Week 7 vs. Seattle Seahawks: 30-18 Win

It is still unclear if Drew Lock is going to be the starter in the 2022 season or if it is going to be someone like Baker Mayfield or Jimmy Garoppolo. But is there really a difference? All joking aside, while Baker and Jimmy G are better than Lock, the Seahawks still are not a very good football team.

The Bolts have had a lot of success historically against the Seahawks in Southern California and I do not expect that to change in 2022. Seattle is going to try and pound the rock and slow the game down but with a better run defense, I am not sure that plan with work and don’t see how Seattle can keep up offensively.


Week 9 at Atlanta Falcons: 48-21, Win

The Atlanta Falcons are undoubtedly one of the 2-3 least-talented teams in the NFL and while this is a long way for the Chargers to travel, there is no reason why the Bolts should lose this game. Whether it is Marcus Mariota or Desmond Ridder, the Falcons are a bad football team and good football teams beat bad football teams. 

As you can see by the final score prediction in this game, I predict that it will be the highest-scoring game of the year for the Chargers. The Falcons are so bad on both sides of the football that the Chargers will be able to strike on offense at will and shut down the Falcons on defense. 

The Chargers will probably be 7.5-point favorites on the road in this one and I am going to hammer that line once it is possible. For those counting at home, that is an 8-0 start to the season that we are predicting. Anyone that knows me knows that I genuinely try and be as unbiased and objective as possible.