Chargers schedule: 3 possible trap games the Bolts must be cautious of

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3. Week 16 at Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts are probably going to win the AFC South and be a playoff team next season. Typically, trap games are reserved for teams that are much worse than the Chargers and record-wise, the Colts and Chargers should be in the same ballpark.

That being said, the AFC South is going to be extremely weak next season and the Colts might just end up being the worst division winner in the entire sport. The Chargers should be favorites on the road in this game, making it a candidate for a potential trap game.

The concern around this game is the timing of it. The Bolts will be on the road to play the Colts on Monday Night Football the day after Christmas. I know, I know, they are professional athletes and they signed up for this and some fans simply don't feel pity for them not getting to spend Christmas day at home when they make millions of dollars.

Regardless of it you feel pity or not, you cannot deny that the Colts have an inherent advantage in this game. If they played on Christmas then at least neither team would get a true Christmas day. However, since it is happening on the 26th, the Colts can spend Christmas with their families while the Chargers will be in some hotel, spending Christmas at one of the several Indianapolis steakhouses.

It makes a difference and the Chargers have another big game after this against the LA Rams on Sunday Night Football. If they are coming off of a big win against the Titans, and have the Rams on the docket the next week, the Colts could absolutely sneak up on them and steal this game.