How the Chargers can easily free up $36 million in cap space

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3. Restructuring Joey Bosa, Corey Linsley and Sebastian Joseph-Day

The Chargers have the ability to free up $60 million in cap space with simple restructures alone this offseason. Los Angeles likely is not going to go that far as it would put the team in a horrible cap situation in the future but there are still some very obvious restructure candidates this offseason.

Sebastian Joseph-Day is the least impactful of the bunch but that does not mean that the team shouldn't do it. SJD has two more years under contract with an extremely flexible contract in 2024. He is not going anywhere and restructuring him should not be an issue or hinder the team. It only frees up $2.71 million this season but it is something.

Corey Linsley also is not going anywhere and is likely going to play out the rest of his contract as an elite center for the Chargers. Knowing that he is going to age well and also has a favorable contract on the back end is a benefit for the Chargers. Restructuring him frees up $6.22 million.

Finally, Joey Bosa is the most obvious restructure candidate this offseason as a simple restructure can free up $15.2 million in cap space this season. Bosa too is not going anywhere and his contract ends when he is 30, so the Chargers don't have to worry about him having a large cap hit when is is old and has regressed.

These three simple restructures (the Chargers could make it more complex to free up more money) would free up approximately $24.13 million. In total with the other moves, the Chargers would be freeing up over $36 million in cap space.

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With these moves, the Chargers would have $15.89 million in cap space to work with. That would be enough to pay for the incoming draft class and 2-3 cheap free agents (or potentially re-sign someone like Drue Tranquill or Trey Pipkins).