3 winners (and 1 loser) of Chargers preseason loss to Saints

Several Chargers stood out on Sunday against the Saints but that was not true for everyone.
New Orleans Saints v Los Angeles Chargers
New Orleans Saints v Los Angeles Chargers / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages
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Chargers winner: Daiyan Henley

The second preseason game of the year really was a showcase for the incoming rookie class.
Tuipulotu looked incredibly solid in his few series, receiver Quentin Johnston had several good moments (although not enough to be a winner in this article) and third-round pick Daiyan Henley had a coming-out party of sorts.

Henley played the third-most defensive snaps for the Chargers in the first preseason game of the year and he put together a lot of solid reps. The uber-athletic linebacker showed fans why the Chargers were so high on him in the first place and instantly made the linebacker room look that much deeper.

Well, Henley managed to increase his stock even more in the second preseason game of the year by making several highlight plays on the defensive side of the ball. It was not perfect, as Henley allowed a circus catch on a wheel route and had a less-than-ideal snap on a Kendre Miller rushing touchdown but the good far outweighed the bad.

Henley flew around on defense making his presence known against the run as well as in the pass rush. Brandon Staley dialed up one of his signature blitz packages and Henley flew through the offensive line to get the sack on Jameis Winston.

There have been nothing but great things coming out of camp about Kenneth Murray, so he will probably start for the Bolts to start the season. That is backed up by the fact that Henley is playing so much in the preseason.

However, if Murray slips up at all the Chargers may have a better version of him waiting in the wings with Henley.