4 Chargers we can safely call busts after the 2023 season

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JT Woods

Perhaps we are a bit off-base here with JT Woods and he will turn around and be an impactful player in his third season. After all, a guy like Alohi Gilman wasn't a huge contributor in his first two seasons and then he started to blossom in his third year which led to a solid fourth season in 2022.

But those two situations are different. Gilman was still a quality player on special teams and there were not as many concerning aspects about his skill set. Gilman was simply blocked on the depth chart and needed a chance to prove himself.

Woods is in a different situation. There are legitimate, concerning aspects of his game (such as the fact that he cannot tackle) that are potentially hindering his development. Woods was selected as a developmental prospect with athleticism in 2022 and thus far, he has not taken any steps forward.

Could that change with Jesse Minter as his defensive coordinator? Sure. But just like with the running back position, the Chargers do not have the luxury of giving Woods ample playing time to see if he can turn it around. The team is trying to be good right away.

Barring an unforeseen turnaround that even Nostradamus couldn't predict, it is safe to say that Woods is yet another mid-round Chargers bust.