4 Chargers who aren't safe with Jim Harbaugh as the head coach

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JT Woods

Another player, another disappointing draft pick who has done nothing for the Chargers. Have you noticed the trend yet? It is almost like having a new head coach and GM can rid the roster of players who have done nothing for the team.

JT Woods is one of the most frustrating misses in recent Chargers draft history. After trading the team's 2022 second-round pick for Khalil Mack, hitting on the third-round pick that year was very important. The Chargers needed someone who could produce, not another project.

So what did the team do? The Chargers took someone who, even at the time, looked like a project. The upside was there with Woods because of his athleticism but everyone knew at the time that it would take time with Woods. Now he is running out of time.

A mixture of bad play with horrendous tackling and unfortunate injury luck has really held back Woods' career to this point. The young safety has played just 13 games in two seasons with a total of 91 defensive snaps.

The GM who drafted Woods might be more patient with him and wait for him to turn into a contributor. That is not going to be the case with Harbaugh. Being a recent third-round pick will do nothing for Woods now that Harbaugh is in the building and if he doesn't earn his keep in camp, he will be good as gone.

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