4 Chargers who aren't safe with Jim Harbaugh as the head coach

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Isaiah Spiller

Speaking of falling short of expectations, Isaiah Spiller is another recent Chargers draft pick who has not lived up to his billing at all. To be fair, most of the Chargers fanbase loved the Spiller selection at the time as he was great with Texas A&M and the team was seemingly getting great value.

The problem was that as the youngest player in the 2022 NFL Draft, Spiller simply was not NFL-ready in his rookie season. That was not a massive issue as Austin Ekeler was still producing at a high enough level for the team.

The hope was that in his second season, he would be NFL-ready, but that still did not seem to be the case. The stars aligned for Spiller to actually carve out a role in the offense and prove that he had future value to the team. Ekeler suffered an ankle injury early in the season and then the Chargers were playing for nothing at the end of the year. It was a perfect time for Spiller to play.

Instead, even with nothing on the line, the Chargers still opted to make Spiller a healthy scratch and not see what they had for the future. That is the most telling sign of Spiller's two-year NFL career thus far.

Harbaugh isn't going to keep someone around who does not conform to his style of offense and, for lack of a better phrase, cannot run the ball in the NFL. Once again, Spiller will have the chance to try out for his new coach in training camp but don't be surprised if he gets the boot in favor of more physical runners.