4 Chargers who aren't safe with Jim Harbaugh as the head coach

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Chris Rumph

The LA Chargers may need to add an edge rusher in some capacity this offseason depending on what happens with the team's roster decisions. With the team well over the salary cap, Khalil Mack is a prime candidate to be traded or cut and would open up a big hole on the depth chart.

In theory, the Chargers could just roll with Joey Bosa and Tuli Tuipulotu as the starters but the team needs more depth behind those two. The only other real option on the depth chart is Chris Rumph, who may not even make the 53-man roster with Harbaugh in town.

Rumph was drafted in the fourth round of the 2021 NFL Draft and is entering his last year under his rookie contract. Rumph has done next to nothing as a rotational edge rusher and has not put on the mass that the team was likely hoping he would when he reached the NFL.

Harbaugh is all about hard-nosed physicality and Rumph does not exhibit those traits as a player. He was kept around because he was another special teams body and because Brandon Staley seemingly didn't want to give up on a recent draft pick.

But with all of those draft priors out the window, Harbaugh may take one look at Rumph and decide that he is not someone who should be getting snaps as the team's third, or even fourth, edge rusher. Rumph will get a chance in camp to prove himself but don't be shocked if he doesn't make the initial 53-man roster.