5 Chargers running back options to replace Austin Ekeler in 2023

Jason Reed
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4. Ezekiel Elliott

Update: Dallas is reportedly expected to release Ezekiel Elliott.

Welcome to big-name sleeper option no. 1 (of two). As of right now, Ezekiel Elliott is still under contract with the Dallas Cowboys. However, there have been questions about his future with the Cowboys, and because of that, he has to at least be considered.

Don't get it wrong, Elliott is probably the least likely player on this list to actually don the powder blue next season. But if the Chargers do end up trading Ekeler and the Cowboys move on from Zeke for salary-cap reasons then people will start drawing lines between the two.

Kellen Moore is the entire reason why. Tony Pollard was a name that a lot of Chargers fans were circling when Moore was first signed but he was ultimately franchise tagged (which is why Zeke's future is so up in the air with the team).

The Chargers would not be willing to sign Zeke to an expensive or a multi-year deal (which is evident from the situation with Ekeler). But if they wanted an experienced RB1 that they know can operate in this offense on a one-year flier then they could go big-name hunting.

Again, it is probably the least likely of the bunch because of everything that would have to happen in-between but it certainly is not impossible.