The 5 worst players that could make the Chargers roster in 2023

Not every player that makes the Chargers roster is going to be great.
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Kenneth Murray

This might seem like a bit of an overreaction. Kenneth Murray has been wildly disappointing for the Chargers as a first-round prospect (that the team traded up for) in his three years in the NFL. But just because he is disappointing doesn't mean he is one of the worst on the roster, right?

When you really look at it, Murray is definitely one of the worst players on the roster and if he does not improve in 2023 then he is going to be in the bottom five. Like Jerry Tillery a year ago, Murray is not guaranteed to get the entire 2023 season. If he is struggling by the halfway point then it is going to be time to move on.

The Chargers simply have not found a way to utilize Murray and his incredible athleticism in the defense. He struggled in his rookie year but got plenty of time to get his legs under him as an inside backer. Then he had to learn a brand-new defense with Brandon Staley, where he was put on the edge in his sophomore season.

When that didn't work Murray was put back at middle linebacker and the struggles continued. While he will show flashes because of his athleticism the fact is that he has grown very little as a player since the Chargers drafted him in 2020.

Pro Football Focus grades are very far from being perfect and should never be the end-all, say-all in an argument. However, it is telling that Murray had the fourth-lowest defensive grade on the Chargers last season and ranked 73rd among 81 middle linebackers.