The 5 worst players that could make the Chargers roster in 2023

Not every player that makes the Chargers roster is going to be great.
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Chris Rumph

This is another recent Chargers draft pick that has not been working out as planned for the team. Rumph was taken one pick after McKitty in the fourth round of the 2021 NFL Draft and through two seasons he has not developed the way that the Chargers had hoped.

Hurting Rumph's case for the 2023 season is the fact that the Chargers made it such a priority to draft an edge rusher high in the 2023 NFL Draft. If the team believed Rumph was ready to take a bigger step as the team's third edge-rusher then maybe that need would have been pushed back.

Instead, Rumph finds himself as the fourth edge rusher on the depth chart as it currently stands and it may be hard for him to get consistent playing time in 2023. His place on the roster is probably safe for now but it wouldn't be all that surprising if he doesn't make it the entire year if he is struggling.

It is a shame because Rumph had the chance to get plenty of run in his sophomore season but he obviously wasn't ready. Even with Joey Bosa's injury, Rumph was only able to play 33% of the team's defensive snaps. That is probably going to go down in 2023.

Could you make the case that someone like Brenden Jaimes should make this list over Rumph? Sure. But Rumph's spot on the roster is pretty secured while the same cannot be said for Jaimes.