The 5 worst players that could make the Chargers roster in 2023

Not every player that makes the Chargers roster is going to be great.
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Tre' McKitty

The hope is obviously that Tre' McKitty is not one of the worst players on the LA Chargers next season. Unlike Stick and Sarell, it is a somewhat big deal if McKitty is struggling like he did a year ago, especially if the tight end room suffers any kind of serious injuries next season.

However, also unlike Stick and Sarell, there is reason to believe that McKitty could improve in 2023. After all, it is only his third year in the league and he was viewed as a developmental piece when he was selected. Add in the fact that he had promising moments in his rookie season and there is reason to be hopeful.

That being said, last season was very bad for McKitty. McKitty is already extremely raw in the pass-catching aspect and he did not offer any kind of offensive help for Justin Herbert. Worst of all, McKitty was one of the worst blocking tight ends in the sport.

McKitty was drafted to be a blocking tight end and he has really struggled with the leap to the NFL. Granted, he was not getting much help with a banged-up offensive line but he also contributed to the madness. Not having a strong blocking tight end is a big reason why the Chargers struggled to run the ball consistently.

In a perfect world, McKitty will turn it around and won't be part of this list. In reality, there is a good chance that he is one of the five worst players on the Chargers roster. He definitely will make it, though, as it is hard to imagine Brandon Staley cutting a third-round pick from just two years ago.