The 5 worst players that could make the Chargers roster in 2023

Not every player that makes the Chargers roster is going to be great.
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Foster Sarell

Storm Norton haunted Chargers fans for two years when he stepped in and offered horrible services as a swing tackle. Norton had to start all of 2021 at right tackle and it was a mess, so much so that the team trusted a rookie guard to play left tackle over Norton last season.

When Trey Pipkins dealt with a knee injury the team was so out on Norton that Foster Sarell instead got the snaps. This made Norton look even worse as Sarell stepped in and was pretty bad for the Chargers. It was so bad that it seemed unclear whether or not he would even return to the team.

As it stands right now Sarell is the favorite to be the team's backup tackle (unless the plan is to move Salyer to tackle and play Jordan McFadden at guard, which is a possibility). Fans better hope that Sarell improved this offseason because if not, it is going to be a mess.

The problem is there really isn't anyone that jumps off the page as a better option for the Chargers. Despite being a concerning player to actually put out there, Sarell actually has a really good chance of making the roster in 2023.

Sarell did work out with coveted offensive line coach Duke Manyweather in the offseason so maybe there were some improvements. Either way, he is going to be one of the worst players actually on the roster.