4 weakest Chargers starters if the season were to start today

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Storm Norton, Joe Jackson
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2. Storm Norton, RT

Storm Norton is not going to be the team's starting right tackle in 2022 unless something goes seriously wrong for the Bolts, so fans can feel better knowing that this is not something that is set in stone. Norton was one of the worst tackles in the entire NFL last season and his Week 18 performance against Maxx Crosby was a disaster.

Norton finished second in the entire league in pressures allowed and he played 15 and a half games, essentially. If Norton would have had an entire season's worth of snaps, based on his rate, then he would have allowed the most pressures in the entire NFL. Granted, the Chargers dropped back to pass more than any team in the league.

There were times in which Norton looked fine last season. He had some good games in the middle of the season and it seemed like the Bolts may have stumbled upon a new-and-improved right tackle. However, when Norton was bad he was really bad and that was on full display in Week 18.

Norton is a fine option to be a backup swing tackle as he can play on either side and has starting experience. He should never be the team's full-time starting option, and quite frankly, I think I would rather see Trey Pipkins at least get a chance. It can't be much worse.

So why isn't Storm Norton the weakest starter on the Chargers if the season started today? Well, there is another offensive line spot that I would argue is weaker.