4 weakest Chargers starters if the season were to start today

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The LA Chargers have done a great job this offseason and as things currently stand, there are not many holes on the roster to complain about. With the 2022 NFL Draft still on the horizon, if the Bolts play their cards right, they could enter the 2022 season with one of the most well-rounded rosters in the league.

That being said, there are some weak spots currently in the starting lineup. Some of these weak spots will be replaced by 2022 draft picks while others will be tasked with stepping up to the task of playing better football.

Here are the four weakest Chargers starters if the season were to start today:

4. Jerry Tillery, DT

Jerry Tillery's career has not exactly gone as planned thus far for the LA Chargers. Tillery certainly has not lived up to his potential as a pass-rushing defensive tackle and is so bad against the run that he was one of the main reasons why the Chargers' defense struggled so much last season.

The Bolts have made two key additions to the interior defensive line in Sebastian Joseph-Day and Austin Johnson but there is still one more spot to start, which right now, goes to Tillery. There can be some hope that Tillery will play better with two run-stuffers next to him but at some point you kind of are who you are in the league. Expecting a huge turnaround from Tillery in year four is probably ill-advised.

There is a chance that the Chargers land an interior defensive lineman in the draft that ends up playing more snaps than Tillery because of his ability against the run, but regardless, Tillery will likely have some kind of role in the rotation as a pass-rushing specialist.

Ironically, the lesser role for Tillery this season makes him rank lower on this list than he otherwise would have.