4 Chargers who could make the team unstoppable this season

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Zion Johnson

2022 first-round pick Zion Johnson is not getting much buzz from the mainstream NFL media this season and that is exactly how the Chargers want it. That was the case last season with Rashawn Slater and he turned into being one of the best tackles in the entire league in year one.

Expecting Johnson to have the kind of rookie season that Slater had might be setting up the rookie guard for disappointment but at the end of the day, Johnson can have a similar impact at the guard position that Slater did at tackle.

Johnson was the best guard coming out of the 2022 NFL Draft and he has looked nothing but NFL ready in training camp and the preseason. Of course, he is not perfect but he has been as polished as you can expect a rookie to be and should be better than any veteran free agent that the Chargers could have signed otherwise.

There is legitimate Pro Bowl potential for Johnson in his first season in the league and if he hits that ceiling then it is going to be huge for the Chargers. Not only would it be elevating the offensive line to one of the best in the entire league, but it would also help out Trey Pipkins a lot at right tackle.

Right tackle is the one question mark this offense has and it always makes things easier having a great presence next to you on the offensive line. Johnson is not just potentially improving his own position, he could be improving right tackle as well.