4 Chargers who could make the team unstoppable this season

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Michael Davis

You could make the case that either Michael Davis or Asante Samuel Jr. could be the cornerback that elevates the Chargers and makes them unstoppable this season. Both players are certainly due for a season that is better than last season, especially being in the second year of Brandon Staley's defense with more help.

However, we seem to already know what Samuel is going to be this season. There is serious potential there for Samuel to be one of the best nickel cornerbacks in the league and his versatility is going to make him a very important weapon on the defensive side of the ball.

Davis has more potential as an outside corner that plays in base sets and makes a bigger difference on the defense. The undrafted cornerback has looked really good in camp and in the preseason and if he continues the track he was on before 2021 then big things could be in store.

Davis's ceiling this season probably isn't being a true lockdown no. 1 cornerback, but he certainly could be an overqualified CB2 that utilizes his athleticism and size in Brandon Staley's defensive scheme to his advantage.

If the Chargers can get that level of play out of Davis, mixed with having an elite CB1 in J.C. Jackson, then we are going to be looking at a good cornerback room that turned into one of the best in the entire league.