4 Chargers who could make the team unstoppable this season

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The LA Chargers have one of the best rosters in the entire league that is built to contend for the Super Bowl this season. On paper, the Bolts are one of the most exciting teams in the league but as we all know, paper does not play football games.

This new-look roster will first be put to the test in Week 1 against the Las Vegas Raiders, a team that the Chargers are looking to get revenge against after the Week 18 loss last year. The Chargers are far more talented and if talent prevails, the Bolts will win this game.

We already know who the stars are on the roster but oftentimes it is the breakout players that can swing a game or an entire season. There are certain role players on this team that can take the Chargers already high ceiling and raise it even higher. And it starts against the Raiders.

Here are 4 Chargers who could make the team unstoppable this season:

1. Sebastian Joseph-Day

Sebastian Joseph-Day was brought in to solve the Chargers' run defense issues along with Austin Johnson and Khalil Mack. Mack is a big name that does not really fit the bill of this article and Johnson is really sound, but he is not the most important player on the interior.

That is SJD, who has given Chargers fans plenty of reason to expect big things out of him this season. Named one of eight captains on the roster, SJD has put up elite numbers against the run in his time with the LA Rams that the Chargers are hoping to carry over.

There is no denying that SJD is good against the run and is going to make the team better. However, if he can produce the same elite run-stop numbers at a larger scale this season while also getting pressure on the quarterback from the interior then the ceiling of this defense is going to be insanely high.

Speaking of defensive players that can raise the ceiling of the defense...