Chargers who should become starters after Week 11 (and who they'll replace)

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Chris Rumph, replacing Kyle Van Noy

Chris Rumph returned from injury in Week 11 and played a small role on defense against the Chiefs. Rumph played 20 total defensive snaps (31%) in his return from an MCL injury with Khalil Mack and Kyle Van Noy starting on the EDGE.

Obviously, this is Joey Bosa's starting job when the team is healthy but there are no updates on Bosa's return time, leaving fans very pessimistic about when he will return. For the time being, it is clear that the starting job should go to the fourth-round pick from 2021.

This really has nothing to do with what Rumph did in Week 11, either. He was not anything special and did not really make a mark on the game. It has to do with Kyle Van Noy, who is simply playing far too much considering what this team needs.

Van Noy was signed to be a versatile veteran chess piece that the Chargers could mostly use in pass coverage in certain situations. He is not someone who should be playing full-time on the EDGE trying to get pressure on the quarterback. Van Noy was credited with five very generous pressures on Pro Football Focus but he has made little to no impact in the pass rush.

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The Chargers have to let their young player get snaps under his belt while he can. It was understandable to keep him on a snap count in his return but if Rumph is going to be a valuable rotation edge rusher in the future, the team has to give him some runway now.