Chargers who should become starters after Week 11 (and who they'll replace)

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The LA Chargers lost to the Kansas City Chiefs after a bad second half to put themselves at 5-5 on the season. With a crowded AFC playoff picture, the Chargers have put themselves in a position where they need to go 5-2 at least to make the playoffs.

While the team's schedule is easy down the stretch, if they are going to make the playoffs they are going to have to maximize the talent on the roster. This means that some players that have not been producing need to get axed from the starting lineup.

After Week 11, there are three clear players who deserve to start the rest of the way in place of someone else. Brandon Staley has shown that he is willing to make a chance before (with Nasir Adderley and Alohi Gilman) and must do so again.

Here are 3 Chargers who should start after Week 11:

Cameron Dicker, replacing Dustin Hopkins

Cameron Dicker has been nothing but automatic since taking over the Chargers kicking job. Both Dustin Hopkins and Taylor Bertolet got hurt, opening the door for Dicker to become the team's kicker over the last three weeks.

In those three weeks, Dicker has made all seven field goals and all six extra points. If he is going to continue to make kicks at this rate then it is hard to move off of him.

It is a bad break for Dustin Hopkins, who had one of the most heroic performances of the entire season against the Broncos by nailing kicks with a bum hamstring. But that is just the problem, even if Hopkins returns he won't have as much power in that leg and there will be concerns about it coming back.

Hopkins has not done anything to lose the job, but he is older and is not part of the long-term future in LA. If the Chargers believe they have a long-term kicker in Dicker then they need to turn to him over the long-time veteran.