3 Chargers whose roster spot is in jeopardy following the 2022 NFL Draft

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Alohi Gilman
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3. Alohi Gilman

This one would probably be a shock to most fans as there are not a lot of fans talking about the possibility of Alohi Gilman getting cut before the season begins. There is always one or two surprising decisions that take the fans by surprise and cutting Gilman is a real possibility.

The LA Chargers drafted JT Woods in the third round of the 2022 NFL Draft to add speed to the safety position. Woods will serve as the third safety on the depth chart and will likely get ample playing time to open up Derwin James to move around the defense.

The intrigue of Woods is his athleticism and ball-hawking abilities. He might be a bit raw in coverage recognition and other technical aspect but he has the raw tools to succeed. If the Chargers are buying in on Staley as not only a coach but a developer, then taking Woods with his traits is a very smart pick.

This was the M-O for the Chargers in the draft as they took two other late-round defensive back with elite athletic traits. Ja'Sir Taylor and Duane Leonard may not be contributors for a year or two, but they have a higher ceiling than a late-round pick like Alohi Gilman.

Gilman was more fundamentally sound in college but lacked the explosiveness and the athleticism. As a pro that has been obvious as he has not been that special and has truly been a mediocre depth option for the Bolts.

When it comes to what Staley wants and looks for in a defensive back, it is hard to see how Gilman fits into this secondary in 2022. Of course, it is always good to have depth and I would bet that they keep him around on the practice squad, but at full strength, he probably is not on the roster in 2022.

Just think about that 2020 draft class for a second if both Gilman and Kelley get cut. Outside of Justin Herbert, it was an absolute abomination. The team traded up for Kenneth Murray, who has been really disappointing and just underwent ankle surgery and then selected Kelley, Joe Reed, Gilman and K.J. Hill.

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There is a chance that Herbert and Murray are the only ones still on the roster only three seasons later. That is absurd.