3 Chargers whose roster spot is in jeopardy following the 2022 NFL Draft

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We are officially a week removed from the 2022 NFL Draft and we have a great idea of what the LA Chargers roster is going to look like for the 2022 season. While there will certainly be position battles that need to be decided in training camp, the direction of the team is set in stone.

The draft is a great asset to not only try and land star players in the early rounds but to build depth as well. Depth is an issue that the Bolts had in the past and this year the team is hoping that the eight new rookies can provide quality depth as early as year one.

It is not like the roster grows in size, however, so there are going to be existing players who get the boot in favor of some new faces. There are three players, in particular, who are running this risk.

3 Chargers whose roster spots are in jeopardy after the 2022 NFL Draft:

1. Gabe Nabers

With the team's final selection in the 2022 NFL Draft, the Chargers selected running back Zander Horvath. Horvath projects to be a fullback at the NFL that has some value in carrying the football, although not as a full-time member of a running back rotation.

It was clear that the Chargers fell in love with his athleticism and with a late seventh-round pick why not draft a player who the team thinks can make an immediate impact at a certain position. While fullback is not as important as it used to be, the Chargers still utilized the position last year.

Stephen Anderson played the H-back for the team when Gabe Nabers was hurt and with Anderson signing with the Steelers, the team might be looking for his replacement with an actual fullback in Horvath. There is not room for two fullbacks on the roster, though, hurting Nabers' chances of making the cut.

The only way that Nabers will make the roster is if Horvath really disappoints in camp or if the team selected him with the intention of turning him into a tight end, which is not super likely.