3 recent draft picks that won't be on the Chargers roster come Week 1

Just because the Chargers drafted these players does not mean they are guaranteed a roster spot.

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Brandon Staley now has three draft classes under his belt as the head coach of the LA Chargers. The 2021 draft class was widely praised, the 2022 draft class has been widely criticized and the 2023 draft class looks great on paper and needs to prove how good or bad it is.

Of course, it takes multiple years to properly grade these draft classes as some players develop on different timelines. Judging every single draft class one year removed would be silly as there are always late bloomers that make the class that much better.

However, there are also players who get drafted and don't even make it to the end of their rookie contract with the team. Unfortunately for some, that means getting booted from the roster this season before Week 1.

3 recent draft picks that won't be on the Chargers roster in Week 1:

Brenden Jaimes

Daniel Popper of The Athletic, who is one of the most plugged-in beat reporters that follows the team, predicted that Brenden Jaimes is going to be the odd-man-out on the offensive line this season. Popper predicted that Jaimes would be cut just two years after he was taken in the fifth round.

When drafted, Jaimes was viewed as an excellent value selection by the Bolts as he theoretically was versatile enough to provide great depth to the offensive line. However, even when the team has suffered injuries, Jaimes has not gotten many chances and has struggled in the chances he has received.

With the starting offensive line completely set in stone and new additions like Jordan McFadden already turning heads, it is not crazy to think that the Chargers may be forced to cut ties with Jaimes and hope that they can retain him on the practice squad.