3 Chargers whose production will take a step back in 2022

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Mike Williams
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2. Mike Williams

Mike Williams had the best year of his career in 2021 at the perfect time. The former first-round pick was playing in a contract year and his production forced the Chargers' hand to sign him to a new three-year, $60 million contract.

While there certainly were fans who were not happy with the team paying that much for Williams, re-signing him was the best move the Chargers could make. It is counterproductive to get cheap and not sign one of Justin Herbert's best weapons when you are trying to compete for a Super Bowl.

That being said, Mike Williams will most likely see his numbers dip when he is not playing in a contract year and there are two reasons why. First, the weapons around Williams are likely going to see more action. Joshua Palmer is going to become a bigger staple of the passing attack and the tight end room is going to put up bigger numbers than people expect.

Plus, Williams' 2021 numbers were padded by a few monster games. While they obviously all count, if he just has one fewer of those monster games in 2022 then he is going to see his stats drop. Is there another Browns-level performance in him next season? We have to wait and see.

All that being said, Williams will still have a good year and be a reliable target for Justin Herbert. Number-wise we will see a dip with other areas seeing a bump.