3 Chargers who are primed to make a big leap in 2022

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Donald Parham Jr.
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3. Donald Parham

Anyone that knows about Joshua Palmer breakout season also knows that I am a huge fan of Gerald Everett heading into the 2022 season. While Everett is going to be a huge upgrade from Jared Cook that puts up great numbers, I think we will also see a leap from Donald Parham as well.

Once again, there are only so many passing attempts that a team can have in a game and Parham might not finish the season with a massive improvement in catches and yards. However, the quality of his play will continue to get better and as a result, we should see an uptick in his production.

Parham is undoubtedly the TE2 when it comes to the passing offense and he is so much more than just being a big red-zone target. Parham is someone who has gotten better every single week since he made the jump from the XFL and you could make the case that he is the most well-rounded tight end on the roster.

Gerald Everett might be the more dynamic route runner and Tre' McKitty might be a better blocker but Parham is the one tight end that can do both pretty well. If he does make that leap that we are projecting he could make, then he will be doing both at a fairly high-level next season. That is exciting.

If Parham does indeed make that leap and Everett is as good as we think he will be next season then the Chargers are going to have one of the best tight end rooms in the entire sport. That is quite the accomplishment considering they do not have one of the elite tight ends to carry the load.